Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Holla...holla..holla..(style Charity in Dance Flick)
in malayzzz(muslim)...
Assalamualaikum love...Whatz'up??!!!
feeling well??(<<its okay..let me answer it on behalf you'll..haha)
long reports..
so glad to hear that..hahaha..(<<im alwayz been this kind of gurl..huhu..perasan sebentar)
so...i've a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot...( many lot!!!!huahuahua)
(in a point form please..dont want to make it harder for u'll to read..haha)

*Fyi,saya,KARMILA KAMARUDDIN,telah berjaya meng'push diri sendiri..untuk bekerja..n..additional information..dah GENAP SEBULAN(<<--lame tueeeeeee) 3/4 hari tue..hihi..
*Fyi jugak..SAD STORY SALARY..diPOSTPONED!!(hukhuk)
*btw,saya jugak ingin mengumumkan bahawa..saya..KAY..macam da suke buat keje WATSON'ING..hihi..penat memang penat..tapiiiiii..
(positive thinker..haha..)
*then..da agak lame x pegi VACATION!!!huhu..aigoo..(really want to go for vacation..n going to kl to visit my fren..n hang out wif them..n gossiping(omg..dont follow this attitude!!..plezzzz)
*n some more..i want to apologize for those who 'terase hati'(dunnoe in english..hahaha) wif me because i dont cntct them for a long tyme...(kinda busy n tired..mianhae...but still if u guys or girl text me..i'll REPLY it A.S.A.P....PROMISE!!!)
*sometimes..i can feel tht my fren..seems to forget me bit by bit..but i cant blame them coz it also my fault maa...huhu...(redha gler ayat gue..huhu)
*but THE BEST THING is...i manage to forget what i dont want to remember n fall for..hahah
(the best feeling ever!!!im no longer slave!!!yiPpiEe!!)
*just now..i watched hindustan movie...WAQT...omg!!!demn sad...I ADMIT ..i cried!!( not joking...)kinda shame wif myself also just now coz cried infront of my father..again...MY FATHER!!..huhu..but wht to a girl..who cant stand crying if watched these kind of movie..i mean DA SAD one...(if u cant accept me this way..just dont pick me..haha..)
*out of sudden..i want to let u'll noe..that im a girl who like SPONTANEOUS!!
(can make my love deeper n deeper day by day..hehe)
* OUTDATED!!!(outdated wif what??!!!)
my answer should be like this...wif KOREAN WGM!!!sobsob
*HAPPILY...i can make a lots of new friends..n boyfriends..n girlfriends..n special girlfriends...n special boyfriends..oppppp!!!special boyfriends...dont have yet...!!!hikhik..(saje jerk..buat gempaq!!kuikui)
*ahah!!!!u all noe..just now..i went to BPMALL(BATU PAHAT MALL..only in batu pahat got..hahha)..i saw a lot of cute miut 'BAJU BABY'...huhu...makes me want to have baby ealier but without married n without father..hahaha..means..IBU ANGKAT!!!hahaha..
(good idea act...learn how to be a good parents..parentship course...i donnoe if it exist or not...hahahah...just say it loud withhout think..huhu)
*in learning progress on how to make up my face so it wont look sick!!(this is because..i always stay up late..n i think face since im in primary school..alwayz been like dat..but people always said dat my face looked pale all da tyme <<<<<----no comment please..huhu(but i should gratitude coz at least i've face...rite??)couldnt agree more PRINCESS KARMILA(hehe)
*before dat..i would like to say IM SORRY coz i dont have any new picture to share wif u guys n girls..but just to let u'll noe...recently..i think im gaining weight!!!maybe got muscle a little bit coz always lifting heavy tool box'ES!!
*last but not least...thankz for those who always text me...remember me...really really really appreciate dat.
for ur time u spend for me..MR ZOMbIE..tq very very much!!

i think..thatz all for now...later..when im usual..feel free to write down my recently activities..
i will write it here to share wif u'll 
(my fanclub@kelab kipas!!!i love u!i love u!i love u!)

P/s: A girl with a dream of someone who will give her a big surprise that can make her fall for him...


  1. kt uia ade sbjek tu utk ko-Q...
    ty amik la ea... hehe...

  2. yey!!!
    finally u update jgk...
    btol2... nnty amik parenting course kat uia nie...
    tahniah babe keje dah ckup 1bln...
    nnty bleh laa aq rse jonnhy's kn... haha kinddin'

  3. congratz dear . btw following you with my new blog :))

  4. pedot...insyaallah...tapi real one lagi best actually...
    aoda..xsangka..ko follow blog aku..hukhuk..sob2..terharu yang amat..insyaallah..jonnnhy...yeayyy..

  5. yey!!!!
    lama gila aku mnggu ko update....asal on9 ja bukak kot...haha..
    kay..jgn lupa blnja aku mkn ye....>seyesly nie<...haha

  6. baek encik nazirul mubin...(^_^)