Thursday, October 28, 2010

..tRYiNg MY bEst..

Im pretty sure that there must be certain people that feel really anxious bout
 WHAT Im tyring my best in/for???
so..let me tell u then...
rather than leave u'll keep wondering all day long..<<such a kind girlll..hahaha
I'm trying my best to learn how to CONSOLE myself..
da reasons Y im slowly learn how to console myself:-

*dont want to burden anyone*

*dont want to counting on other people to console me..*

*want to become MISS INDEPENDENT(<<is't related???)*

*dont want to show my true feeling..(<<it's very hard u know...huhu)*

* just make me more n more sad when im counting on some1 to console me when i really need 1, but then he/she never know bout it n leave me all alone<<how unlucky I am in that condition
(had happened to me before,got the experience..seriously..its HURT so badly(T_T))*

Seems like
weird to write in english..hahahha
to be good in english..i've to do so(hehehe)
so...if there any misspelling..n what so evarr..esp in vocab n tense..
really2 sorryy...
Im not a QUICK LEARNNER!(<<wrong spelling I think,,is't it?)

P/S:I just an ordinary girl with feeling that wish people know bout my true feeling without showing to them..


  1. yeah, motivate urselfo is one of the way to be the best tau (: so, dear, gudluckk n be a bettter n wht u wish for n whtnot..ok. n yes, learng english is from a error-to-do not a perfect-to-do, think boout dat(?) HAHA.