Friday, October 29, 2010


My question is why??
Why Uia always make me miserable?
Why Uia always make people life turn upside down?
(<< good metaphore>>)
hurmmm.. kinda angry + sad + frust wif uia..
diz is all because of dat s*%P*d new schedule..
u noe what...
before this i've make my schedule..
so that i only have class on TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY
(so dat i can go home on thursday evening,after class..n come back on monday)
when i check again da venue n schedule for BTQ(b4 this doesn't have venue)
it has changed..
instead of class on change to friday on 8-9am
(how can i go home on thursday if i got class on friday..)
Uia change da schedule whenever they want..
dont think bout student..(T_T)
but..after i think again..
n after i called my mum..
luckily..its in da morning...huhu..still can go home after dat..(^_^)
dont attend to class lorr..hahahha(<<Im always like dat)
ask da lecturer to change da class..means like..dont want class on friday..hehe
(good idea!!hope the rest of my class member(dont noe yet) agree wif me)

P/S:Im trying my best to attend all da classes in this sem..Dont want to miss any class..Im trying OK!

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